About Us


At Phoenix, the thing that fires us up has always been a love of clay.

As members of the ceramics community ourselves, all of our staff recognize that there is eternal value and charm in this ancient, niche art form. We believe that creativity is a human right, and a necessary ingredient in our individual and collective ability to thrive. That’s why our mission is to support, highlight, and expand creative expression locally by offering the best in ceramics supplies and service.


A local legacy lives on

Opened in 1998 by local potters Noel Munn and Peggy Dickinson, the business transferred ownership in 2022 to new owner and local sculptress, Lily Haas. Lily is a passionate artist and promoter of the arts, and has continued to work with clay professionally since completing her BA in Studio Art at HSU in 2012. As Phoenix rises into its next era, she’s excited to continue evolving the legacy Noel has built over the last quarter century. Phoenix will continue to be your wondrous local supply shop, with expanded hours and future plans to include a central space for networking, education, and exhibition.

Incoming owner Lily Haas (left) with shop founder Noel Munn (right).
Incoming owner Lily Haas (left) with shop founder Noel Munn (right).

In order to form a more artful world…

There is magic in the way that making, sharing, and filling our lives with art can promote healing, understanding, and connection. In fact, we’re certain that creativity has the subtle yet revolutionary power to change the world. Not to mention, it’s wicked fun! Whether you’re an educator, student, experienced potter, or are dabbling with clay for the very first time, we are excited to help you find the supplies, materials, and tools you need to go forth and get muddy.